If you’ve watched the video I’d like to believe I’ve made a decent case for this concept. If you haven’t watched it, doing so will make understanding much easier. I’m going to try to keep this as simple as possible. Rather than get into a long discussion of why I believe specifically designed virtual reality programs can reverse and even cure disease I’ll give you a layman’s way of explaining it and then build on that.

A lifelike virtual reality experience designed for healing is designed to “hotwire” the subconscious mind with such a believable VR healing experience that it tricks the subconscious into believing that healing has actually taken place. And what the subconscious accepts becomes reality.

If you watched the video all the way through you know I was in danger of losing my taste buds and saliva glands to huge doses of radiation. The doctors told me there was no other alternative. I came up with a visualization process that proved them wrong. I had such a vivid, live picture of healing rays and not harmful rays inside my mouth and tongue that my subconscious mind was convinced it was real.

Some people call it the placebo effect. Call it whatever you want. But more than ten years after receiving those treatments I’m still spitting with the best of them and my taste buds are as functional as they ever were.

I believe we can use virtual reality to produce the same effects with many medical problems only with much more powerful results. Why? Because there’s no need for the subject to come up with his own mind movie. A VR programmer does that for you. And if my gut feeling is right, you’ll receive relief from your illness.

If you’d like a detailed explanation of how and why I believe this is important I invite you to download a fairly short eBook titled Treating Disease With Virtual Reality. It’s all in there. To pick up the book click on Get The Book in the right sidebar. Thanks.